First off we must say that there has been NO official cause of death for Prince released yet. It will be sometime before toxicology reports give us the information needed to discover just what took him from us. But you have to wonder how a healthy man in his 50s, dies form the flu, especially when they have the resources to secure top notch health care.

If Prince had indeed developed full-blown AIDS, as rumors have it, his body would have not been able to fight the flu leading to severe dehydration and perhaps his untimely death.

Your Tango recently published:

Just days ago, Blind Gossip reported that it had received a tip from a “very trusted entertainment insider” that an HUGE African-American celebrity was suffering from AIDS. Here’s what was the insider said:

"[The celebrity] believed that he was cured, and he had some crazy [religious] people who told him that God cured him. So he stopped taking his medication and the sickness came back. Now doctors say he’s dying, and there is nothing anyone can do about it."

We do know that when Prince was rushed to the hospital, doctors gave him a 'save shot' which is usually given to counteract the effects of an opiate. They insisted that Prince stay for 24 hours but because their were no private rooms available, his agents insisted that he be flown back home where he subsequently passed away.

Remember, these AIDS stories are just rumors. What is not is that fact is that he will be sorely missed by friends, family and millions of fans.

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