DJ the Wonder Dog is my pup. She's 19 months old and is a complete loon.  She's still VERY much in "puppy stage" (a of course they take a bit longer to mature) and VERY active.

I have a hard time wearing her out when I want to rest!  So I bribed her...with a promise to go play with some new friends!

Last Saturday morning I took her to the new Fetch 'N Catch in Lancaster for a Puppy Play Group. She played hard for an hour with many new friends...and loved every minute of it.

Not only are play groups like this GREAT for exercise, but the socialization and interaction with other pups has so many great benefits. They don't stop at Puppy Play Groups boarding, doggy daycare (DJ is a HUGE fan), obedience classes, a private "go fetch" area for just you and your pooch, and even a POOL, just for dogs!  The owners, Mallory and Dan, have thought of everything for your pet paradise.

Then the benefit for YOU comes in: You're guaranteed to have a sleepy dog for some quality lazy time for YOU! :) DJ was WIPED OUT for the entire day...which made my Saturday afternoon Golden Girls Marathon on WeTV that much more enjoyable. (I'm proud to admit that....yet somehow, ashamed.  Bad dog...)

JoyFM / Laura Daniels

If you're looking for a fun new way to bring some health, excitement, and exercise into your pooch's life, I highly, highly recommend Fetch 'N Catch!