The Erie County Fair opens today!!!

In its honor, we've set up one of the many carnival games we all know and love...the Balloon Dart game. Why that one? Mainly because I had trouble getting 1,000 goldfish in bags last night.

So this morning was the first crack at it, and Karen from Depew was hoping for tickets to the fair...let's see what she got!!!

Here are some prizes up for grabs:

  • Fair 4-pack of tickets!
  • VIP passes for Concert for a Cure.
  • Make Laura or Gordon do a shot of Chiavettas or Red Hot (your choice).
  • 96.1 CD prize pack.
  • Random fair prize (example below!).
  • Circus Peanut Karaoke (guess the song, win a prize!).
JoyFM / Laura Daniels

Look for 96.1 Joy FM broadcasting live every day at the fair!

8/6    3p-7p Trevor Carey
8/7    3p-7p Trevor Carey
8/8    3p-7p Dan Rinelli
8/9    10a-3p Heather Davis, 3p-7p  Gordon Scherer
8/10  10a-3p Dan Rinelli, 3p-7p  Keith Kelly
8/11  3p-7p Dan Rinelli
8/12  3p-7p Trevor Carey
8/13  3p-7p Dan Rinelli
8/14  3p-7p Dan Rinelli
8/15  3p-7p Dan Rinelli
8/16  10a-3p Trevor Carey,  3p-7p  Dave Universal
8/17  10a-3p Dan Rinelli
3p-7p  Dave Universal