Here's another CRAZY thing from this morning's haunted broadcast at Rolling Hills Asylum.  It was actually quite lovely!

(I apologize for it being pixelated...this video was originally done on Facebook Live, and the signal was very weak...)

The other voice you hear is Debbie Monteleone, our psychic medium, who walked me through what was happening with "Sam". (Here's Deb's site...she's WONDERFUL.)

Sam appeared very early in the broadcast (before 6am), and apparently, was very taken with me.  Deb says he's a young, attractive male from the 1920s, about 18 or 19 years old, who had polio most of his life.  This gave him a bad leg, and he always wanted to dance.  He spent most of his life in the infirmary.


At :30, he asks me to start the dance properly, with a curtsy.

At :53, I inexplicably began to cry.  I had a rush of lovely, loving emotion.  I cried the entire dance-long.

At 1:01, Sam pays me a very nice compliment.

At 1:18, I actually could hear Sam singing in my ear, along with Elton John (It was "Candle in the Wind (97)" for the #1 Track Throwback

At 1:38, Sam thanks me for treating him so nicely.

At 2:04, Sam says something I'll never forget...and totally need to remember.

And at 2:19...Sam brings up a certain "animal" that means the world to me (I'm holding up my wrist because I have a tattoo of said animal there).



We were asking about the numbers that were appearing on the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detector.

In this particular room, the reading is typically between 0 and 1.

At one point, the number went as high as 187.

Thank you, Sam. <3