In case you missed it, Rachel Platten was a special guest for a free in-park concert at Darien Lake this past weekend.

Right before the show started, we noticed a group of girls with their own purple shirts (we like the color by the way), and we had to see what was up. This is the most die-hard group of Rachel Platten fans, perhaps, on earth. They call themselves "The Plattenums".

Immediately following the show, at the last minute, I had a chance to sit down with Rachel. (My vanity is FORCING me to disclose that I had been on the rides and water slides all day and didn't bring a hair dryer, make up or much more than my Mix 96 t-shirt, so please pardon my somewhat disheveled look.)

Rachel couldn't have been sweeter to talk with. Thanks for sharing your stories, your beat boxing, and your love of Cheerios.