As you probably know by now, it's official – Facebook replaced the "Like" button with six different emoji's you can choose from.

So sure, you can pick like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry....and a seventh choice didn't make the cut (a happy face for "yay").

So what are they missing?

We asked you what button options should also be available.

Personally, I would like to see, "That's enough baby pictures for today," and, "Oh, I guess you work out," (for those social-media-intense diet/exercise peeps who MUST post them every day).  Keith wants one that says, "WHO CARES?" He's very sensitive, you see.

Here were some of your suggestions via our Text Line (716-241-9696) :

  • Greg / West Seneca:  "REALLY???"
  • Jeffrey / Buffalo:  Broken scale (for too many food photos)
  • Renee / Buffalo:  I have a friend on FB who constantly posts, "Ohhh I'm not feeling well." So I'd like one with a smiley with a rope around its neck, like it's hanging itself."
  • Debbie / Cheektowaga:  FB needs a "Get Over Yourself Button." And an "OMG" button. And a "WTF" button.  "Talk to the Hand" button.  LOL I could go on....
  • Michelle / Williamsville:  They need a "Say No to Vague Posting" one.
  • Cindy / Arcade:  They need a "No Duckface" emoji

What would YOU add to the choices?

Personally, I'd like to see this one saying "That's SO Buffalo" :)

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