Manchester, England's Town Hall may need to work on its security. Friday's wedding of John and Frances Canning was notable for two special guests who, while they didn't R.S.V.P, were certainly welcome.Actually, John Canning had invited Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Finding out that the royals would be in Manchester the day of his wedding, he wrote a lighthearted letter to Buckingham Palace, hoping they could attend the ceremony. He received a polite letter from the Government, thanking him for the invitation, but telling him the Queen would not be available. Secretly, though, arrangements were made for Her Majesty and Prince Phillip to visit the receiving line:


The royals were apparently aware of the couple, calling them by their first names and asking about their honeymoon plans in Italy. The royals stayed for photos, and gave the Cannings a royal blessing. No word on whether the Queen got a piece of wedding cake in a box to put under her pillow.