My husband and I went to a wedding last weekend, the first one we've been to in quite a while.  My neighbor's daughter, Amber, and her fiance', Todd, had invited us to join in their festivities for the day.  I found out a few things have changed through the years!

First of all, we were notified more than a year in advance of our invitation to the ceremony and reception.  We received a "save the date" fridge magnet sometime last summer for their July 28th wedding this year.  I like the idea, not only did it allow me to plan a little better but I was also really psyched for the day by the time it came!

During the vows, the couple engaged in a "sand ceremony" which was new to me.  I remember having candles.  Two were lit before the ceremony, and we lit the third together after taking our vows.  Amber and  Todd used sand in two separate glass vases, and mixed them together in a larger vase after their vows.  The idea is the sand was joined forever, it could never be separated, just as the couple was now together forever.

The reception included a photo booth for all to have pictures taken through the night.  This was so much fun.  We made several visits to the booth, Jerry and I together and then with friends as well!  We got to keep a strip of photos each time, and another strip was put in an album for the new couple to have as a keepsake!

There was pizza!  Yes, late at night,  after all the dancing and festivities, pizza was brought out! Yes, the night started out with hors d'oeuvres that was followed by fillet mignon or stuffed chicken breast with several sides and later dessert.  Still late at night, cookies (which I have seen at weddings before) and pizzas were brought out and gobbled up!

In all it was a memorable night.  Congrats to Amber and Todd and thanks for an awesome time!