Want your bagel sliced?  That'll cost ya 8 cents, in New York State.

Want it toasted? 8 cents.

A schmear? You guessed it. 8 cents.

Tax researchers say cutting bagels or altering them in any way constitutes them as a "prepared" food, therefore making them subject to tax.  Plain, uncut bagels meet home consumption guidelines, and are tax exempt in New York State.

But before you get up in arms about how stupid NY state taxes are, there are more....in other states!

In Kansas, you have to pay a tax to ride in a tethered (attached to the ground) hot air balloon. Unattached rides are considered "transportation", so no tax.

In Arkansas, body piercings, tattoos and electrolysis get a 6 percent tax.

Getty Images / Jeffrey Coolidge

In Maryland, homeowners and businesses have a "flush tax" of $2.50/month...for sewage

Getty Images / Terry McCormick

In Connecticut, adult diapers are not taxed. But junior's Pampers? Taxable.

See? New York isn't the ONLY weirdo state! (But we do have a LOT of weirdos....like Gordon and me....)