Welcome to the Queen City!

With March Madness beginning today, we'll be seeing a lot of new faces in the area...they're filling up hotels, eating at area restaurants, and realizing why so many WNYers just LOVE it here!  So, we're assembling a "Virtual Welcome To Buffalo Gift Basket".

Now, we're not talkin' just a basket full of chicken wings and beef on weck.  Think OUTSIDE the gift box....a few of our suggestions:

  • Personal Pot Hole Repair Kit (self explanatory)
  • What's That Smell Odor Detector Kit (Cheerio's? The Lake? Tonawanda Coke?)
  • "How To Cope With Losing Sports Teams" Book (sadly, also self explanatory)
  • Personal Translator (Scajaquada? Cheektowaga?)
  • Guide to the Three Tonawandas (there are three???)
  • How To Refer To Highways (put a "the" in front of EVERYTHING)

What else would you add?

(PS: If you want to send some of the cooler things Buffalo has to offer, check out my friends at BuffaloInABox and what they have! Pretty cool!)