Wait a minute! Are you sure Adam West hadn't received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame before yesterday?

Well, holy "overlooked", Batman! The answer to that question is "yes". But the Walk finally caught up with the title star of what may have been the most-popular show of the late 60's, Batman.West, 83, has worked in the business for over 50 years, currently voicing a fictionalized version of himself on Family Guy.

If you're planning a trip out West [sorry...], and want to honor Batsy, his star, the 2,468Th, is in front of the Guinness World Records Museum on Hollywood Boulevard. The star, though, is just the latest tribute to the first popular portrayal of Batman. Around the time of the 1989 movie [which starred Michael Keaton, if you'll remember], Wally Wingert created a musical tribute to TV's first Caped Crusader: