State Police are targeting drivers using their cell phones and other electronic devices this week.  "Operation Hang Up" is aimed at getting motorists to realize the dangers involved in using your cell phone while driving.

"Operation Hang Up" Kicks off today and runs through next Sunday, April 29th.  The program was first introduced last November.  State Police handed out 800 tickets over the Thanksgiving holiday to motorists who were using electronic devices while behind the wheel.

A statement from is quoted as saying:  "Recent research has shown that drivers talking on phones are four times more likely to be involved in a crash. The behavior of such drivers can be equivalent to the behavior of drunk drivers at the threshold of the legal limit of .08 BAC. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributed more than 3,000 deaths last year to distracted driving, calling it a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways."

New York strengthened its' texting while driving laws last summer, making the use of a handheld electronic device a primary offense which gives police officers the power to stop motorists suspected of using their cell phones while driving.  The new laws increase the penalty for using a handheld device while driving from two to three points.