Joy FM is searching for Western New York’s Cutest Baby! Take a look at this group’s photos, then vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of this page. (You must be a Joy FM VIP to vote; if you're not one yet, sign up now!)

Like last round, you must be a Joy FM VIP to vote (if you're not one yet, sign up now!), but this time, each VIP can only vote once per day from now until noon next Friday, May 17. On Friday, we'll tally the votes, and the top 20 vote-getters will have one final round to vie for the title!

Parker (Submitted By Stephanie Gentile)

Parker Submitted By Stephanie Gentile

Nora (Submitted By Betsy Hendricks)

Nora Submitted By Betsy Hendricks

Raphael (Submitted By Sarah Obot)

Raphael Submitted by Sarah Obot

Zoey (Submitted By Amanda Zahm)

Zoey Submitted By Amanda Zahm

Thomas (Submitted By Krissy Stapleton)

Thomas Submitted By Krissy Stapleton

Evelyn (Submitted By Nikki Brooks)

Evelyn Submitted By Nikki Brooks

Cali (Submitted By Anna Lavocat)

Cali Submitted By Anna Lavocat

Carter (Submitted By Liz Mesler)

Carter Submitted By Liz Mesler

Clark Alexander (Submitted By Josie Pierce)

Clark Alexander Submitted By Josie Pierce Hastie

Kyler (Submitted By Timothy Bushen)

Kyler Submitted By Timothy Bushen