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Western New York’s Cutest Baby — Vote Now For Your Favorite!

Our Joy FM listeners sure do have some adorable kids!

We received OVER FOUR HUNDRED ENTRIES (!!) for our first-ever Western New York’s Cutest Baby contest — and now it’s time to vote!

Browse through the galleries below, then click the button beneath them to go vote for your favorite baby. You must be a Joy FM VIP to vote (if you’re not one yet, sign up now!), and you can vote once per hour every day between now and noon on Friday, May 10 — so vote often, and get your friends, family members, co-workers, etc. to vote, too!

Once voting closes, we’ll narrow the field to the top 50 vote-getters.

NOTE: Joy FM reserves the right to disqualify entrants for cheating. One vote per Joy FM VIP per hour, please!


  • Abby (Submitted By Alyssa Primavera)
  • Addison (Submitted By Ashley Beyea)
  • Adrean (Submitted By Shauna Dembinski)
  • Annabella (Submitted By Anncollette Daniel)
  • Benjamin (Submitted By Melissa Gregorio)
  • Braeden (Submitted By Kim Russell)
  • Brandon Anthony (Submitted By Mary Jungier)
  • Christopher (Submitted By Angela Torres)
  • Evangeline (Submitted By Greg Baumler)
  • Francesca Gabrielle (Submitted By Gabrielle Andolina)

Vote For Group 1


  • Alyssa Rose (Submitted By Michele Tungate)
  • Arielle (Submitted By Dustin Thieroff)
  • Atticus (Submitted By Yianni Kalodimos)
  • Aubrey Arielle (Submitted By Brenda Pustulka)
  • Autumn (Submitted By Rebekah Goodman)
  • Avelyn Kate (Submitted By Karen Toczek)
  • Brayden (Submitted By Lindsay Speck)
  • Brody (Submitted By Ashley Eberhardt)
  • Brookelyn (Submitted By Jennifer Shull)
  • Brycen Michael (Submitted By Kristina Abrams)

Vote For Group 2


  • Alana (Submitted By Mary Soda)
  • Aleksandra (Submitted By Aniela Thant)
  • Alivia (Submitted By Kristen Martell)
  • August Caleb (Submitted By John McLaughlin)
  • Brody (Submitted By Steve Taborn)
  • Brooke (Submitted By Dan Wood)
  • Brycen Zane (Submitted By Lydia Charlap)
  • Caden (Submitted By Krystal Morrison)
  • Carson (Submitted By Jen Wright)
  • Charlene Marie (Submitted By Carol Wood)

Vote For Group 3


  • Aidan (Submitted Fiona Oqdeh)
  • Alankriti (Submitted By Rachna Bakshi)
  • Alexandra (Submitted By Keri Miller)
  • Amelie (Submitted By Laura Holtz)
  • Austin (Submitted By Tiffani Balch)
  • Autumn Skye (Submitted By Eileen Larson)
  • Chance (Submitted By Caitlyn Macpherson)
  • Charlie (Submitted By Christopher Salvati)
  • Charlotte (Submitted By Nicole Haen)
  • Cole (Submitted By Lindsay Hardman)

Vote For Group 4


  • Amelia (Submitted By Brittany Whelan)
  • Anastasia (Submitted By Anica Damjanovska)
  • Avery (Submitted By Jackie Redden)
  • Bradley (Submitted By Jennifer Britton)
  • Brody (Submitted By Christina MacIntyre)
  • Colten (Submitted By Eric Fassel)
  • Dakota Dai (Submitted By Julie Dixon)
  • Delilah (Submitted By Saleasha Ersing)
  • DJ (Submitted By Jennifer Basinski)
  • Dylan James (Submitted By Chrystina Flood)

Vote For Group 5


  • Alexa (Submitted By Sarah Goris)
  • Aliyah Marie (Submitted By Alissa Jones)
  • Alyson Bree (Submitted By Melissa Sopko)
  • Arya (Submitted By Raymond Wolfe)
  • Brandon (Submitted By Jennifer Keicher)
  • Carson (Submitted By Meghan Queeno)
  • Cole Harrison (Submitted By Kristin Turner)
  • Dylan (Submitted By Chris Salada)
  • Elijah Shalom (Submitted By Rose Douglas)
  • Emily (Submitted By Kayla Gallivan)

Vote For Group 6


  • Alexander Justinen Tiberius (Submitted By Rose Douglas)
  • Alexis Marie (Submitted By Sharon Moss)
  • Annabella Patricia (Submitted By Heather Yockey)
  • Brayden (Submitted By Christina MacIntyre)
  • Celenia (Submitted By Kathrine Harrington)
  • Cooper James (Submitted By Lori Swartz)
  • Dylan James (Submitted By Kristen Miller)
  • Ella (Submitted By Carole Marra)
  • Evan and Nathan (Submitted By Laurel Rizzo)
  • Gia (Submitted By Lindsey Wrobel)

Vote For Group 7


  • Anabella (Submitted By Megan Holland)
  • Chloe (Submitted By Nadine Fraser)
  • Claire (Submitted By Marie Vaughn)
  • Erik Liam (Submitted By Alesia Hess)
  • Erin (Submitted By Amie Reilly)
  • Ethan (Submitted By Kristen Fix)
  • Gabriel (Submitted By Kelly Zygmunt)
  • Gianna (Submitted By Ashley Brennan)
  • Giovanni (Submitted By Gabriella Fasano)
  • Grayson (Submitted By Ashley Wilson)

Vote For Group 8


  • Charlotte Grace (Submitted By Samantha Testa)
  • Colton (Submitted By Stephanie Foster)
  • Ella (Submitted By Jessica Stephens)
  • Emelia (Submitted By Kathy Wager)
  • Estelle (Submitted By Theresa Roma)
  • Ethan (Submitted By Sara Bevilacqua)
  • Gavin (Submitted By Julie Ostrowski)
  • Hadley Taylor (Submitted By Kristy Nawojski)
  • Henry (Submitted By Kathryn Watroba)
  • Isabelle Noelle (Submitted By Jennifer Merritt)

Vote For Group 9


  • Augusto Giovanni (Submitted By Rachel Sosa)
  • Charlie (Submitted By Kasey Duffy)
  • Charlotte (Submitted By Kelly Skok)
  • Chloe (Submitted By Lisa Serafini)
  • Easton (Submitted By Lindsay Waite)
  • Elizabeth (Submitted By Alicia Long)
  • Ella (Submitted By Samantha Mussari)
  • Emma Diane (Submitted By Kristi Rogers)
  • Erinn (Submitted By Ashton Watts-Lanighan)
  • Gianna (Submitted By Cait DePasquale)

Vote For Group 10


  • Emma (Submitted By Katie Sivic)
  • Hadley (Submitted By Kelly Zittel)
  • Hayleigh (Submitted By Christine Heyden)
  • Hopie Aniyah (Submitted By Shalan Rickard)
  • Isabella (Submitted By Daniel Ferber)
  • Jack (Submitted By Danielle Hartman)
  • Jagger (Submitted By Jessica Farley)
  • Jaxson Tyler (Submitted By Linda Rohe)
  • Jelani (Submitted By Raquel Figueroa)
  • Josiah (Submitted By Alyssa Navarro)

Vote For Group 11


  • Emma (Submitted By Tara Stachoski)
  • Haley Grace (Submitted By Kelly Hauser)
  • Jack (Submitted By Bessie Czechowski)
  • James (Submitted By James Cole)
  • Jayden (Submitted By Sarah Malicoat)
  • Jiana (Submitted By Janita Melendez)
  • Joshua (Submitted By Andrea Haseley)
  • Julianna (Submitted By Angela Traina)
  • Julianna (Submitted By Jennifer Calero)
  • Kathy (Submitted By Susan Enyedy)

Vote For Group 12


  • Jackson Santillo (Submitted by Sara Santillo)
  • James (Submitted by Luann Pelletier)
  • Jazzlyn Christopher (Submitted by Rachel Johnson)
  • Jessica (Submitted by Tina O’Brien)
  • Kael (Submitted by Mallory Johnson)
  • KaitlynMarie (Submitted by Bobbie Vandenburg)
  • Kaleb (Submitted by Heather Pokojski)
  • KellyAnnLouise (Submitted by Carrie Genter)
  • Kierra (Submitted by Jessica Roberts)
  • Kyle (Submitted by Julie Pilarski)

Vote For Group 13


  • James (Submitted by Shawn White)
  • Jeremy (Submitted by Tracy Garlapo)
  • Jordan (Submitted by Andrea Bommer)
  • Jovana (Submitted by Traci Sekulovski)
  • Juliana (Submitted by Jennifer Shull)
  • Lauren Aleah (Submitted by Tara Gabryszak)
  • Liam (Submitted by Kristin Bull)
  • Lily (Submitted by Stacy Dion)
  • Logan (Submitted by Rebecca Lewis)
  • Lovella Jordan (Submitted by Rose Douglas)

Vote For Group 14


  • Jah-Love Christopher (Submitted by Rachel Johnson)
  • Jaxon Hazard (Submitted by Maria Medakovich)
  • Kalilah (Submitted by Chivon Andres)
  • Lauren (Submitted by Michelle Schlesinger)
  • Levi (Submitted by Shanda Spink)
  • Lucas Vincent (Submitted by April Pembleton)
  • Lucille Ann (Submitted by Sarah Smolkovich)
  • Luke (Submitted by Margaret Arcara)
  • Lydia Violet (Submitted by Renee Altizer)
  • Madelyn (Submitted by Kristen Gould)

Vote For Group 15


  • Jamiel Carlos (Submitted by Samantha Roman)
  • Leo Andreo (Submitted by Aimeelyn Zaccaria)
  • Louis (Submitted by Adam Roma)
  • Lucy Kate (Submitted by Amy Barbara)
  • Mackenzie (Submitted by Megan Glasser)
  • MadisonDudziak (Submitted by Cory Dudziak)
  • Maria (Submitted by Erin Mahoney)
  • Mason (Submitted by Danielle DuBois)
  • Matthew (Submitted by Jennifer Pula)
  • Micah (Submitted by Ginny Haynes)

Vote For Group 16


  • Jaxson John (Submitted by Kristin Turner)
  • Jordan (Submitted by John Burau)
  • Landon (Submitted by Alyssa Gingerich)
  • Liam (Submitted by Kaylee Seitz)
  • MackennaViolet (Submitted by Dona Cameron)
  • Madison (Submitted by Ashley Brodie)
  • Malina (Submitted by Elizabeth Schillaci)
  • Mason (Submitted by Patricia Phalen)
  • Maverick (Submitted by Meghan Phalen)
  • Natalie Rose (Submitted by Linneman)

Vote For Group 17


  • Jaydon (Submitted by Lisa Gromlovits)
  • Liam (Submitted by Austin DeLabio)
  • Lucas (Submitted by Rose Burkley)
  • Madison (Submitted by Amanda Talty)
  • Margaret (Submitted by Bessie Czechowski)
  • Matthew (Submitted by Julie Battleson)
  • Michael (Submitted by Denise Reed)
  • Natalia (Submitted by Catherine Redleaf)
  • Nevaeh Sky (Submitted by Krystle Groves)
  • Nora Emily (Submitted by Tom Paradowski)

Vote For Group 18


  • Julian (Submitted by Sarah Rea)
  • Logan (Submitted by Alexandra Bender)
  • Maggie (Submitted by Lyndsey D’Arcangelo)
  • Maximus (Submitted by Noelle Alessandra)
  • Myah (Submitted by Kelly Costanzo)
  • Noah Bautista James (Submitted by Juan Roman)
  • Olivia (Submitted by Shawn Walsh)
  • Olliver (Submitted by Karen Toczek)
  • Paisley (Submitted by Melanie Smith)
  • Parker (Submitted by Amy Eberhardt)

Vote For Group 19


  • Logan (Submitted by Nicholas Maloney)
  • Lucas Richard (Submitted by Jill DiJames)
  • Nicola (Submitted by Katherine Steck)
  • Olivia (Submitted by Kelly Skok)
  • Parker (Submitted by Stephanie Gentile)
  • Rosie (Submitted by Jennifer Garcia)
  • Ryan James (Submitted by Tracy Olsen)
  • Savannah Grace (Submitted by Laicee Cole)
  • Shealyn (Submitted by Amanda Ortel)
  • Simon (Submitted by Melissa Miller)

Vote For Group 20


  • Marcello (Submitted By Nadia Pavone)
  • Nalia (Submitted By Nancy Valliquette)
  • Noah Matteo (Submitted By Dana Cleveland)
  • Nora (Submitted By Betsy Hendricks)
  • Olivia Grace (Submitted By Nina Zagarrigo)
  • Paul (Submitted By Cori Boaz-Werthman)
  • Payton Nicole (Submitted By Laurie Phillips)
  • Robert (Submitted By Andriana Andolina)
  • Sarah & Ruth (Submitted By Shalan Rickard)
  • Sophia Jean (Submitted By Nancy Boody)

Vote For Group 21


  • Nolan (Submitted By Laura Fisk)
  • Olivia (Submitted By Karen Matthews)
  • Raphael Nse-Abasi (Submitted By Sarah Obot)
  • Sofia Francesca (Submitted By Mac Kotarski)
  • Sophia (Submitted By David Kimmel)
  • Theresa & Brian (Submitted By Abigail Engel)
  • Tommy (Submitted By Katherine Ventresca)
  • Trevor Marx (Submitted By Cheryl Migas)
  • Violet (Submitted By Terri Logan)
  • Zoey (Submitted By Amanda Zahm)

Vote For Group 22


  • Mason (Submitted By Tiffany Lease)
  • Peyton (Submitted By Lieza Morales)
  • Sammy (Submitted By Amanda Woelffel)
  • Sarah Jean (Submitted By Melissa Lydic)
  • Trevor Michael (Submitted By April Bushley)
  • Treyson (Submitted By Scott Guenther)
  • Triston (Submitted By Tameisha Watson)
  • Tucker (Submitted By Kaitlin Fish)
  • Vivaan (Submitted By Kuldeep Singh)

Vote For Group 23


  • Preston (Submitted By Rose Burkley)
  • Sophie (Submitted By Sarah LaPare)
  • Stephanie Jean Marie (Submitted By Anthony Diaz)
  • Thomas (Submitted By Krissy Stapleton)
  • Vanek (Submitted By Julie Goodwin)
  • Wesley (Submitted By Scott Harvey)
  • Willow Joy (Submitted By Danielle Bradfield)
  • Wyatt (Submitted By Crystal Dean)
  • Xavier (Submitted By Amanda Stack)
  • Zachary Andrew (Submitted By Jason Henninger)

Vote For Group 24


  • Amelia Paige (Submitted By Debbie Nichols)
  • Bailey (Submitted By Olivia Goode)
  • Charlotte (Submitted By Patricia Seychew)
  • Emma (Submitted By Rebecca Gervase)
  • Evelyn (Submitted By Nikki Brooks)
  • Kahryeem (Submitted By Anncollette Daniel)
  • Lily (Submitted By John Tomasello)
  • Macy Jane (Submitted By Megan McHugh)
  • Makenna (Submitted By Amanda Hacker)
  • Sophia Louise (Submitted By Jackie Staniszewki)

Vote For Group 25


  • Autumn (submitted by Jenna Scrinta)
  • Clara (submitted by Christine Fiorello)
  • Collin (submitted by Julie Strong)
  • Elijah (submitted by Colleen Canfield)
  • Ella (submitted by Lindsey Soroka)
  • Hannah (submitted by Tammy Piotrowski)
  • Jackson (submitted by Cindy Szczesny)
  • Julian and Dion (submitted by Julienna Raye)
  • Kylie (submitted by Julie Thurnherr)
  • Sophie (submitted by Rebekah Siskey)

Vote For Group 26


  • Brayden (submitted by Rachel Griffin)
  • Claire (submitted by George Richards)
  • Cole (submitted by Colleen Canfield)
  • Ellyse (submitted by Amity Mann)
  • Greyson (submitted by Krystle Mann)
  • Joey (submitted by Jen Stitzinger)
  • Layla (submitted by Lisa Budzynski)
  • Liam (submitted by Lisa Linton)
  • Lily (submitted by Guenevere Peete)
  • Mikayla (submitted by Linda Schoelles)

Vote For Group 27


  • Luke (submitted by Tracy Williams)
  • Muhammad (submitted by Nur Khalil)
  • Natalie (submitted by Steve Pacer)
  • Nina (submitted by Sarina Gilmer)
  • Priya (submitted by Derek Shepardson)
  • Robby (submitted by Mellissa Edmister)
  • Savino (submitted by April Stonebraker)
  • Trinity (submitted by Amber James)
  • Vivian (submitted by Katy Burgler)
  • Xavier (submitted by Tracey Noble)

Vote For Group 28


  • Anna (submitted by Kristine Lillie)
  • Brayden (submitted by Sheri Tudor)
  • Brooklyn (submitted by Morgen Blahowicz)
  • Carter (submitted by Sarah Leavell)
  • Hudson (submitted by Krystle Dennis)
  • Katelin (submitted by Bridget McWhirter)
  • Moe (submitted by Fakhri Hamideh)
  • Paige (submitted by Kirsten Setzer)
  • Sammy (submitted by Ashley Pandolfi)
  • William (submitted by Ashlee Frantz)

Vote For Group 29


  • Alexander (submitted by Teri Gleason)
  • Alice (submitted by Krista Guido)
  • Allie Jo (submitted by Kristina Worthington)
  • Dylan (submitted by Dawn Colosimo)
  • Emma (submitted by Mary Ellen Klein)
  • Jaiden (submitted by Iesha Favors)
  • Maggie (submitted by Kate Barbagallo)
  • Neil (submitted by Jacqueline Zimmer)
  • Ruth (submitted by Robert Andrews)
  • Sofia (submitted by Barbora Pignatora)

Vote For Group 30


  • Aubrey (Submitted By Katelynn Kuhn)
  • Ava (Submitted By Judy Haynes)
  • Brayden (Submitted By Kevin Klaich)
  • Colton (Submitted By Alyssa Michalak)
  • Corinne (Submitted By Deanna Russo)
  • Dennis Matthew (Submitted By Katie Daley)
  • Elly (Submitted By Karen Boettcher)
  • Jackson (Submitted By Amy Nies)
  • Madeline (Submitted By Kevin Baginski)
  • Payton (Submitted By Kelley Bator)

Vote For Group 31


  • Addison (Submitted By Kristen Porpora)
  • Brady (Submitted By Mallory Tross)
  • Everett (Submitted By Brandy Wynn)
  • Greyson (Submitted By Marie Pazych)
  • Justin Peter Jr. (Submitted By Amanda Gallivan)
  • Kyler (Submitted By Timothy Bushen)
  • Lillianna (Submitted By Nicole Rutz)
  • Luna Renae (Submitted By Ashley McDonough)
  • Marley Marie Altmann (Submitted By Jessica Marsillo)
  • Mikayla (Submitted By Amy Rogers)

Vote For Group 32


  • Ariana (Submitted By Emelie Obrochta)
  • Audriana (Submitted By Jennifer Diminuco)
  • Brody (Submitted By Kayl Wolniewicz)
  • Caydence (Submitted By Amanda Barratt)
  • Elijah Juno (Submitted By Alexandrea Gray)
  • Estelle (Submitted By Sara Rodenhaus)
  • Kendra Natalie (Submitted By Carrie Byrne)
  • Natasha (Submitted By Tammy Hassinger)
  • Parker (Submitted By Stacy Denecke)
  • Sebastian (Submitted By Kristi Schmitt)

Vote For Group 33


  • Bailee (Submitted By Katie Pero)
  • Briella (Submitted By Julie Dennee)
  • Camden (Submitted By Jessica Enders)
  • Carson (Submitted By Lindsay Pruitt)
  • Joseph (Submitted By Suzanne Sciria)
  • Kelsey Madison (Submitted By Colleen Grizer)
  • Montana Rose (Submitted By Tammy Poisson)
  • Rayne Elizabeth (Submitted By Michelle Salerno)
  • Sophie Solei (Submitted By Angel Krenek)
  • Vinessa (Submitted By Ed Rodenhaus)

Vote For Group 34


  • Brooklyn (Submitted By Mary Golden)
  • Cayden Thomas (Submitted By Victoria Busch)
  • Clark Alexander (Submitted By Josie Pierce Hastie)
  • Emma (Submitted By Melissa Janis)
  • Everett (Submitted By Tasha Kupinski)
  • Gianna (Submitted By Allie Valone)
  • Nixon (Submitted By Melissa Zgoda)
  • Rylyn (Submitted By Melanie Alves)
  • Tyler (Submitted By Richard Jaszka)
  • Veronica Nichole (Submitted By Duane Woodley)

Vote For Group 35


  • Dominic (Submitted by Laura Sabia)
  • Elena Grace (Submitted by Jennifer Belz)
  • Gabrielle (Submitted by Lisa Bow)
  • Iris Marlene (Submitted by Hannah Jamison)
  • Jaxon (Submitted by Jenna Poules)
  • Logen (Submitted by Michelle Trapper)
  • Madison (Submitted by RaeLyn Doud)
  • Monet Viola (Submitted by Mary Ann Senik)
  • Zachary James (Submitted by Alaina Ware)
  • Zoriana (Submitted by Jourdan Sutton)

Vote For Group 36


  • Aliyah (Submitted by Alejandra Vallejo)
  • Alyssa (Submitted by Kim Krantz)
  • Ariana (Submitted by Christina Cybulski)
  • Grayson (Submitted by Erin Wichrowski)
  • Jace (Submitted by Mary Edelson)
  • Mark Anthony (Submitted by Mellissa Ramirez)
  • Nathan (Submitted by Maggie Berta)
  • Rebecca (Submitted by Jessica Hartman)
  • Reese (Submitted by Caryn Vanzile)
  • Trenton (Submitted by Jennifer Wenske)

Vote For Group 37


  • Aidan (Submitted by Katie Turner)
  • Aubree (Submitted by Kelley Bator)
  • Connor John (CJ) (Submitted by Anne Marie McCall)
  • Corey (Submitted by Stephen Young
  • Emily Rose (Submitted bu Sarah Kszanak)
  • Emma and John (Submitted by Kathy Smith)
  • Liam (Submitted by Megan Swartz)
  • Lilliana (Submitted by Racey Skulski)
  • Ray Ray (Submitted by Kristie Keidel)
  • Sophia (Submitted by Christopherrobin Marriott)

Vote For Group 38


  • Alex (Submitted by Stacey Parker)
  • Allison (Submitted by Jesse Telaak)
  • Ayla (Submitted by Tristin Said)
  • Colden (Submitted by Marissa Melcher)
  • Declan James (Submitted by Julie Quinn)
  • Hunter (Submitted by Christopher and Angela L.)
  • Jesse (Submitted by Nate Neubauer)
  • Julissa Dream (Submitted by Melissa Stearns)
  • Maddi (Submitted by Jillian Bieber)
  • Mckaela (Submitted by Rachael Inman)

Vote For Group 39


  • Andrew (submitted by Kellie Dixon)
  • Cali (submitted by Anna Lavocat)
  • Carter (submitted by Liz Mesler)
  • David (submitted by Jon Merrick)
  • Giorgio (submitted by Danielle Obrien)
  • Hailey (submitted by Emily Galardo)
  • Norah (submitted by Elaine Hansen)
  • Olivia (submitted by Bridget Block)
  • Rocco Angelo (submitted by Rachel Schumacher)
  • Zoe (submitted by Jessica Meyers)

Vote For Group 40


  • Catherine (submitted by Vanessa Coughlin)
  • Charlie (submitted by Raquel Martina)
  • Francisco (submitted by Priscila Norat Suarez)
  • Haylee (submitted by Kim Barnard)
  • Kyla (submitted by James Kregg)
  • Lila (submitted by Lindsey Wojcik)
  • Reese (submitted by Jen Lorenz)
  • Starr (submitted by Keila Jackson)
  • Vincenzo (submitted by Kessica Scirto)
  • Xirena Marie (submitted by Scott Walker)

Vote For Group 41


  • Alexandra (submitted by Nicholas Guercio)
  • Caleb (submitted by Courtney Kabala)
  • Charlotte (submitted by Katie Morris)
  • Christian (submitted by Rebecca Costa)
  • Cooper (submitted by Robyn Urso)
  • Isabella (submitted by Jocelynn Negley)
  • Lily (submitted by Matthew Ahr)
  • Mackenzie (submitted by Teresa Carey)

Vote For Group 42

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