Each week, we’re (GLADLY!) visited by a volunteer from the Buffalo Animal Shelter with a new pet that’s waiting for their FURever home. We highlight the animal on Wednesdays around 7:35 a.m. on the air….Plus, you can catch more pets on WKBW’s AM Buffalo during “Pet Talk Tuesdays”.

During the month of November, adoption rates will be reduced. The shelter is overflowing with amazing dogs and cats, and we want them all to find happy loving homes for the holidays! 

This special little girl was born with a special-looking paw...and she was named affectionately after Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer who survived a shark attack and went on to shock everyone with her talents, despite her physical restrictions!

We think our Bethany is destined for doggy greatness! And what a great lesson for kids to learn -- even if you "look" different, you are still amazing!

(Note: We had some issues with our camera, so the video cuts out abruptly and then picks up again...but you get a good idea of her cuteness!!!)


You can see her birth defected paw here...but it doesn't stop her or bother her at all! She walks, runs and plays with all the pups and friends at the Buffalo Animal Shelter!

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Buffalo Animal Shelter