It's hard to believe that spring begins in just a few weeks. Just yesterday I got to thinking that I had not gone tubing or tobogganing yet this year. Of course, the lack of snow hasn't helped. So I decided to take a "virtual" ride!

The ride took me to Finland. As you'll see, the sign says, "2500 meters". That is just a little over 1.5 miles! Oh by the way, I don't speak the Finnish language, so I'm not quite sure if the rider uses any "bad" words during the "viewer discretion" is advised. I do know at my age I can't imagine doing this more than once. As you'll see, there is NO tow-rope or lift. And you thought it was exhausting walking back up the hill out at Chestnut Ridge.

Watch, enjoy and we'll see you at the "Finnish" line!  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)