This year has been exceptional....the Mayans were wrong, Lindsay Lohan was NOT the main story, and we all became familiar with "binders of women" and how "you didn't build that".  It was even more incredible for me, as I found myself in the middle of a new city, new job, new friends, new everything!

I've got no solid plans for NYE (and frankly, don't really's always been a bit of an Amateur Night At The Roxy to me....), though I have already planned myself a lovely meal to cook, since I enjoy it so much (grass fed organic American beef fillet with mushroom/wine pan sauce, sweet potato hash and steamed veg).  Table for one?  So what.  You don't need 300 strangers around you to enjoy yourself (that's what wine is for...LOL!)

If you ARE still looking for a venue to ring in the New Year, WIVB put together a nice list of events.  From The Buffalo Ball Drop to The Hard Rock Guitar Drop, New Year's on the Canal to Oatka Creek, there's something for everyone here

Watch for my upcoming post about a new New Year's tradition I've started here in recipe for salted caramels.  Ok, it's not MY recipe.  But it's super easy, cheap, and TASTY!  May have to make it a new tradition anyway! :)

Happy New Year!

<3 LD