With the re-release of the 1993 smash 'Jurassic Park', but this time in 3D, an entire new audience has been introduced to the franchise.

With it came new technologies, and of course, new questions.

Like, if dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, how could we possibly know what they sounded like?

Well, we can't for sure, but the sound designer for the movie  Gary Rydstrom, talked about how he re-created the assumed sounds of these prehistoric creatures.  It's fascinating to see how a man hears sounds that have never been heard before...and, more so, how he created them.

Now, the sounds' sources can get a little....racy.  But it's all in the name of science and nature. Ready?


For the scene where the velociraptors stampede, and one is eaten by a T-Rex...

...that's actually the sound of horses stampeding, along with some horse "squeals".  At the end, it's the sounds of a horse and dolphin...in heat.


The growl of the T-Rex....(you're not gonna believe this)....

...is actually the sound of his Jack Russell Terrier playing with a toy, with the audio slowed down IMMENSELY.


The T-Rex roar may be something you recognize....

...it's actually the HIGHLY slowed down sound of a baby elephant trumpeting.


When a brachiosaurus bellows, what are you really hearing?

Well, that's a donkey braying, but slowed way down.


Finally (and this is the "racy" one...), when the velociraptors are talking to each other, what are you really hearing?

Well, that's actually two tortoises mating at Marine World.

Hey, if you're gonna have two Oscars for the film, and seven in all...ya gotta be creative....

<3 LD