I was getting my nails done the other day, and during that always-awkward 8 minutes of drying time, I struck up small talk with the woman on the other side of the drying table.  She was in her later 50s/early 60s and we got to talking about cell phones for some reason, and she said "Boy am I glad we didn't have that kind of tracking stuff when I was a kid....I would've gotten in SO much trouble!  We told our mom we would be home at 10pm, and whatever happened in between then and 10p was OUR secret!"

Got me thinking....what dangerous things did YOU do as a kid, that you'll NEVER let your kid do now?  Here are some of the calls from this morning....we were daring, but all made it out in one piece!

Play outside after dark?

Go exploring in the woods by yourself?

Playing in old broken down buildings?