What do you remember most about your wedding day?  I remember being completely calm, finally.  I had prepared every detail so carefully and worked so hard to make the day perfect.  I was determined, no matter what happened now, to just enjoy myself!  I did!  I wonder if Kate Middleton will be able to relax?  Poor Kate, seriously, poor Kate.  Your wedding day is one of the most single beautiful days of your life.  All eyes are on you, maybe a few hundred at most... but for Kate, it will be millions, maybe billions, of people watching.  She seems poised enough to pull it off, I would likely trip on my dress. 

Friday's Royal Wedding is of course completely elaborate.  Wedding vows will be exchanged between Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in the heart of London.  The official Royal Wedding website  reports two choirs, one orchestra and two "fanfares" (bands) will provide the music during the ceremony.  A procession and formal luncheon will follow at Buckingham Palace, and later an evening reception.  The couple has invited 1900 guests.  They'll have two cakes, one a wedding cake and the other a chocolate biscuit cake made from a royal family recipe.  There's word the royal couple plans to donate all of their gifts to charity.  Guests will receive as specially designed scarf as a favor.  There's no clear price tag for the day, but a search of the web estimates the cost of the Royal Wedding at 40-million-dollars.     

That's a far cry from the estimated 10-grand it cost Jerry and I nineteen years ago.  Of course, our church was just a bit smaller.  We were married at 14 Holy Helpers R.C. Church in West Seneca.  No choirs or orchestras at the church or the reception.  Just an organ player and one singer for the ceremony and a DJ for our evening festivities.  (Although, some of the 200 friends and family we invited did manage to bust a few bars throughout the night.)  We had a great cake too!  My favorite yellow with a vanilla butter cream frosting.  The reception lasted into the morning hours, about 2am or so.  It may not have been the Royal Wedding, but it was exactly what I wanted.  It was perfect to me.  I wouldn't have changed a thing. (By the way, we kept our gifts too... even the wooden salad bowl that was clearly "re-gifted."  Lol...  I use that bowl all the time!)

So,  tell me about your wedding?  Favorite moments?  Funny moments?