Every wonder what your dreams mean? According to Dr. Naomi Quenck, a clinical psychologist, here's what those dreams mean:

Falling: Means you have a feeling that you're not meeting standards set by yourself or others, and with one wrong step, you'll fall below expectations. This kind of dream is experienced by 75% of people and they usually dream it when they are not feeling well.

Being Nude: This dream stems from people worrying what other people think if they saw them as they really are.

Being Chased: This dream usually pertains to being in a hostile environment, where we must look over our shoulders. It's experienced by 80% of people.

Taking an Exam: This one stems from worries that we'll come up short when people evaluate our competence. You'll most likely have this dream when you're up for a raise or if you're dating someone new.

Flying: This is the only common dream to involve a positive feeling... the feeling that the world is wondrous and at your command.