Even if mom SAYS she doesn't want a gift for Mother's Day, she probably does.

According to a new survey, 61 percent of moms say they absolutely SHOULD get a gift...even when they say, "No, honey...save your money, don't make a big deal over lil' ol' me..." (especially if she's real good at the passive-aggressive, Irish Catholic guilt like my mom is...pretty sure she's written a secret book on it).

So what DOES mom want?

My mom would be/usually IS pretty satisfied with a fresh box of wine and some dandelions I grabbed out of her front yard.


If your mom is a fan of a little nip here and again, you may want to send her a "FlaskScarf" (I've already ordered one in every color)...a fashionable scarf that hides 8 ounces of her favorite beverage (doesn't HAVE to be booze...but that's what I'm thinking mom will use it for...).