Did you wait until the last minute?  Are you still trying to figure what to get your mom for Mother's Day?  Well, you've come to the right place.  A new poll from Buy.com has come out with what mom's are really looking for.

The Buy.com  poll found most moms want to be pampered.  The poll, conducted by an independent research firm, found more then one-third of moms would like either a day at the spa or a favorite gift card.  Specifically, 23-percent of the one-thousand adults surveyed would like a day at the spa, 20-percent were looking for gift cards and coming in third place at 17-percent is "something homemade."  The poll finds the least desired gift  is flowers.  The survey also looked at what moms like to do on mothers day and how much you're spending on gifts this year. 

Just a little hint, if you are really stuck.  Make sure you make an effort to spend some time with your mom, tell her you love her and make the day special in someway.  Regardless of what you give her or how much money you spend on brunch or dinner, it's the simple things that will generally make a mom happy.  At least, that's my take on it.  I will be spending the day at my son's ball game and having family over for a visit.  No, I'm not cooking...  sandwiches will have to do. 

Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day!