Have you ever had the same dream? I doubt it! 

Sometime in the middle of the night or early this morning, I had this weird dream. I was bowling (which isn't uncommon because a bowling in a league weekly), but this was different.

Someone had raised the lane about one foot off the ground. Picture almost like Skee-Ball, except with a bowling lane. Obviously very difficult. I remember getting frustrated and waking up.

But what does it mean? I went online to see if I could find anything and found this:

To dream of bowling represents an experience in life where you are trying to remove a multi-faceted problem, or a number of problems at the same time.

Strikes indicate success, and misses indicate failures to reach goals or actualize desires.

To bowl and have a few pins remaining symbolizes success at dealing with certain issues, but failure to solve others.

Not sure that's the answer, since I wasn't knocking any pins down. Guess I'll never know.