What fast food could you or would you eat every day for nearly 40 years?  There's a guy in Wisconsin who has eaten a McDonald's Big Mac almost every day since 1972.  (I really don't think I could eat the same thing everyday, but if I had to try... it would probably be a Subway Veggie with lettuce, tomato, black olives, cheese and mayo.   Boy, I love those!)  

On May 17th, 57-year-old Don Gorske says he expects to eat his 25,000th Big Mac.  That's a lot of burgers and a lot of calories, fat and sodium! (McDonald's  lists the nutrition facts  for a Big Mac at 576 calories!)  Gorske has eaten at least one, and often two, Big Macs every day since first discovering his love for them back in 1972.  The Wisconsin State Journal  reports Gorske has not gone a day without a Big Mac since Bill Clinton was president.  McDonald's in his hometown were apparently closed on Thanksgiving Day and he didn't have any in the freezer, seriously.  You might think he's overweight, not at all.  He says his cholesterol is good too.  Check out the video a few years back of  Gorske eating his 23,oooth Big Mac.