Anyone who plays Fantasy Football knows that you get cursed for coming in first place during the season.  The result is usually a loss in the first round or two of the playoffs.  Well I did just that this past weekend and then paid the price for my trash talk.


I will admit, after winning the championship last year in my neighborhood league I maybe talked a little smack.  Did I put the trophy up in my front window for all of the losers to see everyday?  Yes, but in my defense it does look amazing up there!

Unfortunately my smack talk got thrown back into my face on Monday, when the bottom playoff seed and now former friend Shaun, beat me mercilessly in the first round (thanks for showing up team!) and then put it on display for everyone to see.

That's right, I was greeted with this sign on my front lawn Monday afternoon.  It is enormous, and the worst part is I have no idea how long it will be on my lawn for!  Who rents a sign??!!  All I can say is well played, and that revenge will be had!!