I'm not much of a runner. I had a small running career back in '07, but because I didn't train properly, have the right shoes or have any knowledge about anything, running-wise, I totally destroyed my knees after three 5Ks.

But this idea could get me running again...

The Beer Mile is a novel idea, and affectionately defined by Wikipedia as:

...a drinking race combining running and speed drinking. Typically, the race takes place on a standard 400 meter or 1/4 mile running track. The race begins at the1-mile starting line with the consumption of a standard amount of beer, followed by a full lap around the track. The second lap continues in a similar manner; the standard amount of beer is consumed before commencing the running of the second lap. This process is repeated for the next two laps. Following the completion of the fourth running lap (and four beers), a competitor has finished the race.

Not to be outdone, one "special brand of idiot" wanted to break the record. He "trained"...from physical running-type stuff, to training his tummy to handle the CO2. The results?

If you love FUN while running, or FUN while walking, or just FUN in general, you've GOTTA check out the Insane Inflatable 5K. And save a BUNCH of cash on fees by registering by 11:59 p.m. FRIDAY!

Stuart, Insane Inflatable 5K organizer, spoke with me about the big day: