During this long hot summer, you’ve probably tried to find a little refreshment wherever you can. Maybe you’ve had an ice cream sandwich or two. And maybe you’ve noticed something different about them.

At first I thought it was just me. A lot of times, it is just me. But I started asking around and, sure enough, more than a few people have picked up on a change in the classic treat: the chocolate wafers wrapped around the vanilla ice cream are thinner than they used to be!

They used to be somewhat thicker, and a bit firmer in consistency, almost like a cookie. Now they’re thin, soggy, and don’t provide the satisfying firmness they used to when you bite into them.

I have no idea when or why this has happened. Do any of you know? Do you know of any brands that still have a thicker wafer? Help us out. Let us know the answers, here or on our Facebook page.