Everyone wraps gifts this time of year!  We've all had to deal with odd shaped boxes and over sized presents.  Joe & Cheryl's Impossible Question today has to do with gift wrapping!

Are you a neat and tidy Christmas gift wrapper?  Do you have trouble with the corners?  Use too much tape?  Maybe, you just stick to holiday gift bags?  While, according to our impossible question, there must be a lot of wrapping going on this time of year!

Impossible Question:  82% of people will have to buy this during the holiday season.  What is it?

Answer:  Scotch tape!   

I wrap almost everything for Christmas from the biggest to the smallest gifts. Whether it goes under the tree or in my kids stockings, it is generally wrapped!  As for tape, I go through a few rolls every holiday season, maybe I use a little too much.   I'd classify myself more as a slightly above average wrapper, not quite in the expert mode yet but definitely not a rookie either.

What kind of Christmas gift wrapper are you?