If Science ever needed to find the scariest scene in a movie, I know what my choice would be: the "flying monkeys" bit from The Wizard Of Oz (BTW; this sequence, which still makes me nervous more than a few years after the first time I saw it, is now part of a slot machine!)

[NYCHKGUY, via YouTube]

So I know what scares me. But what movie would make me cry the most? Not as certain. Enter Science. A recent article in Smithsonian magazine told the story of a scientific study that needed its subjects to cry. For ethical reasons, the scientists couldn't make up a lie about, say, a death in the family that might provoke the researchees [as opposed to researchers] to tears. What to do?

The research team finally decided they could show scenes from sad movies to bring on the tears. After some study, they discovered the clip that brought out the wettest waterworks; not the unfortunate end of Bambi's mom from Bambi, nor Jennifer's tragic demise in Love Story but this sequence from the 1979 version of The Champ (It's longish, but you can see why it has the effect the scientists needed):[mellow0w, via YouTube]

So what movie makes you cry the most? And do those monkeys make you as nervous as they do me? Just asking...