The Buffalo Bills season home opener is Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. More than 80-thousand fans are expected to pack the stadium for the game, and the Bills suggest you pack lightly if you're going. I've been to more than a few Bills games through the years, and I have a few ideas on what you should or shouldn't bring!

The Bills have a list posted on the team website of permitted and prohibited items. You can check out the list, but to make it simple the idea is to bring as little as possible inside the stadium. The less you have, the quicker you will get through security. With that in mind, I've made my list of things NOT to bring to the game!

What Not To Bring To A Game: Cheryl's Top Five

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    Your young kids

    The stadium is way to crowded, there are too many drunks and there's a lot of foul language. You can take them to the Kids Day game next preseason. (Although, you still may encounter a few drunks and some inappropriate language.)

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    The Other Team's Jersey

    Wearing an opponent's jersey only fuels the fire in the stands. While most people will joke with you in fun if you are cheering for the other team, there's always someone who will dump a beer on you or start a fight. It's not worth it.

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    A Nice Car

    (or a Vehicle that takes up more than One Spot): Unless you've got preferred parking, the lots leave something to be desired and with the amount of people cruising through the area you're likely to regret driving that brand new vehicle (or maybe classic) to the game. Let's not forget exiting the lots either. The guy with the '87 Chevy does not care if he hits your car while trying to cut in front of you! It's a parking lot, he's thinking "no fault."

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    A Crew of Drunks

    Remember you need at least one designated driver. ( The Bills website also states " Guests who appear to be intoxicated and/or unmanageable will not be permitted into the stadium." You just paid $25 to park, and much more for a ticket. You'll want to see the game and so will everyone sitting near you.)

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    A Bad Attitude

    We all want the Bills to win. Let's hope Sunday's big win over the Kansas City Chiefs is just the start of a great season! One more thing: There's also a notice on the Bills website stating "anyone attending a Bills game at Ralph Wilson Stadium will be subject to a voluntary security inspection, administered by a screener prior to gate entry." When we went to the Kids Day game this year, I was "frisked" entering the stadium by a male security guard. Typically, I've been directed to a female security guard, but I didn't notice one at the gate we entered. So ladies, you may want to look for a gate that has a female working there in case you are "patted down."