Turns out your mom was right -- less is more.

A new study found when men wear a plain, white t-shirt, women instantly rated them as 12 percent more attractive versus when they were wearing anything else.

It gets better -- the MORE out of shape you are, the better the results. If you're already in good shape, it only helps a little. But if you're already in good shape, you might not be as concerned with this silly study. ;)

Why is this? The plain white t-shirt made men look like their shoulders were more broad, and like they had smaller waists.

On the flip side, the LEAST attractive thing you can wear is anything that draws attention to your tummy, even if you're in good shape. This was determined by having men wear a t-shirt with the capital letter T on it -- women liked that. But when the T was flipped upside-down, so the long part of the T was across the stomach, women found 'em not-so-hot.

So guys, look hot -- wear a white t-shirt. Of course, that level of attraction seriously diminishes if the shirt is covered in pasta sauce...so ya gotta keep it fresh. ;)

PS: Long ago, we discussed my love of a man in a baseball hat. Put a white t-shirt in the mix, and I might marry ya.