The kids are heading back to school, and it's time to start thinking about resetting their schedules so that they can get up early and be ready for the school day. Here are some things to keep in mind as school starts next week from Ron Clark, author of The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck -- 101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers.

1. We Are All On The Same Team

Teachers are not nannies, they are educated professionals that work with kids all day long and may see a side of your child you don't see at home. If they give you advice, take it into consideration just like you would if that advice came from a doctor or a lawyer. It could help you head off other issues in the future.

2. Stop Making Excuses For Your Child

Some parents make excuses as to why their child doesn't do their school work. A mom said, "We wanted to let them have some fun this summer, and that's why they haven't gotten any of their summer reading done." Yes, but the assignment was given in May, and if they are just starting their summer reading this Labor Day weekend, that's a problem. Instead of making excuses for why your child isn't succeeding, focus on finding the solution.

3. Make Sure Your Child Is Ready To Succeed

Make sure your child is eating right and getting enough sleep during the school week. Kids age 6-18 should get at least 9 hours of sleep a night, but on average they only get about 7 hours. Also, make sure your kids are getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. Start their day out with fruits, proteins and whole grains instead of sugary cereals and offer them healthy snack choices like fruit, veggies and yogurt. If they want chips, try the baked kind.

Teachers want to see kids succeed as much as parents, so work with your child's teacher to help them shine this year!