"Hoodie-Hoo Day" comes each year on February 20th...  On this day, you may see somewhat outside at noon waving their hands over the head and chanting "Hoodie-Hoo!"  But why?

"Hoodie-Hoo Day" is aimed at chasing winter away to make way for Spring.  Sounds a little wacky...  but at this point, I am ready for the snow to melt off and a little sunshine, green grass and blue skies.  I can't wait to see tulips sprouting from landscaping.  I want to hear the sound of lawnmowers instead of snowblowers.  It'll be good to see our neighbors again...  and everybody - us, the kids, dogs - can all just get out of the house without having to wear seven layers of clothing!  So how  about it, are you for a little "Hoodie-Hoo" chanting?  See ya at noon... HA!

By the way, I should tell you that "Hoodie-Hoo Day" is a copyrighted holiday, created and provided courtesy of the great folks at Wellcat.com.  Wellcathas come up with more than 80 holidays... original holidays!