I guess it depends on the office.  Some work places go all out for Halloween, but at some you would think it's any other day.  if you are participating at work, there are some ground rules.

  • Top 5 Dos:
    • 1. Dress up
    • 2. Dress up if you’re a boss. Studies show employees like when their bosses do this
    • 3. Have food. Workers like some sort of treat at the office
    • 4. Ask early if you can leave to go trick-or-treating with your kids
    • 5. Even if you have a busy day planned, take time to share in some candy corn and conversation that revolves around the spirit of the day.
  • Top 5 Don'ts:
    • 1. Dress inappropriately
    • 2. Assume you can leave early to go trick-or-treating
    • 3. Celebrate Halloween by playing games in the office
    • 4. Forget to actually do your job
    • 5. Be a Scrooge and be miserable about the holiday. Enjoy the festivities with your co-workers

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