A new playing field was installed at Ralph Wilson Stadium this summer. In the spirit of recycling, the old one is now up for grabs. Erie County officials are considering proposals from more than two dozen local agencies, some asking for part of it and some for all of the old field. A decision has yet to be made on what to do with the turf, but we’ve got some ideas of our own.

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    Carpet your “Man Cave” with the old field.

    Can you imagine how awesome it would be to watch the game on your big screen TV from your football chair with the old Bills turf beneath your feet?

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    Repave the parking lots at the stadium.

    Those lots have seen better days. Wouldn’t it be nice to tailgate with lush (fake) grass beneath your feet. Would be a lot more fun to toss the football around at least.

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    Maybe a bonfire?

    This may seem wasteful, but it would be fun to both celebrate all the good Bills memories and watch the bad ones go up in smoke! Might also be a great way to kick off a new season!

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    How about “Summer in December?”

    You’ve heard of “Christmas in July”, while how about “Summer in December?” Maybe we could roll the old Bills turf out in the Convention Center and throw a huge picnic some Sunday afternoon and of course watch the Bills game!

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    Ship it to Iraq or Afghanistan for the Soldiers to play on.

    How about we roll up the old turf in sections and ship it overseas to some local troops? Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a great piece of home to play around on when they’ve got a little down time?