Shopping for Christmas Gifts for your boss or co-workers is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be!  Just follow these easy tips and you will be done in no time... 

Start with the most obvious ways to show your appreciation: Gifts for their desk or office. After all, these are people you work with day in and day out, so a gift that organizes or improves their workspace makes the most sense. Nice pens, desk organizers and even coffee mugs are the most popular gifts, and for good reason: They're affordable and infinitely useful. Consider opting for a stylish variation.

For fun-loving  coworkers, Frisbees and Nerf guns offer a reprieve from meetings and can be enjoyed either in the casual workplace or at home with family. Of course, we do recommend taking Nerf warfare and Ultimate Frisbee games outside lest you upset the boss.  Board games are another great coworker gift, and can be played in the break room or taken home to their families.

Do your coworkers travel often? Leather passport and ticket organizers, luggage scales, travel blankets, and even unique luggage tags are all useful travel-themed gifts that many people don't already have.

Sometimes you just want a gift that's a little more personal. The easiest way to add that extra spark of appreciation and thoughtfulness is with monograms or engravings. Business card cases are extremely useful, and most professionals either don't have one or are in need of a new one.  Note cards, journals, and even photo albums also lend themselves well to personalization.

So what are you giving your co-workers, any ideas?