Next month is my daughter's wedding and it's a beach wedding. A casual, non traditional affair. Yesterday I went into a mini panic because I realized I don't know what to wear. There will be no tuxedo's. As a matter of fact most of the men  will not be wearing a suit. I wanted to wear a topical weight tan suit but my wife said I would upstage the groom. So now I'm really stuck for idea's.   So I asked our facebook friends for some idea's:

Lourdes C Serrano: wear a black rayon shirt with rayon pants. Its very thin so it wont be hot or wear a white one with some men sandals. It would look nice

Kristen Adamy Sadowski : A nice light colored Hawaiian shirt and some linen khaki's

Lauren Vinz : Tan linen suit with a light weight white dress shirt underneath-no tie.

Mark A Webster: Have the wedding on a nude beach. That'll simplify everything.

Thanks for the suggestions! Mark, the last one won't work! But keep those suggestions coming!