If I said it once I said it a thousand times - "No officer I haven't been drinking!"  The next most said phrase is that Buffalo is known for food.  When I lived in Las Vegas, friends of mine would argue this point and I would educate them on everything tasty from the 7-1-6.

Ted's Hot Dogs Facebook

I mean if you go into most restaurants in the country you will find an item that has a Buffalo connection.  Also, we were voted #3 in the world which is kind of a big deal.  We are represented well, but the focus of this post is on eating right here in Buffalo.


Most people think all we have is wings, and even though they are king here, we are much more than that.  Pizza, Beef on Weck, Sahlen's Hot Dogs, Chicken Finger Subs, Ted's, Mighty Taco, Jim's Steakout, Chiavetta’s, Weber's Mustard, Bison Chip Dip, Paula's Donuts, Sponge Candy, Perry's Ice Cream, Loganberry...the list goes on and on.  There isn't a post long enough to list them all.

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Our restaurant game is on point too with Chef's, Salvatore's, Bacchus, and Tempo to name a few. Literally, any kind of amazing food you are looking for we have here.  You are very hard pressed to find in other cities what we have here.


I am so thankful to be from here and to have experienced all of the great food we offer.  I actually feel bad for people across the country who don't get a taste of what we just have daily.  The food is my first true Buffalove.  Let's eat!!

Salvatore's Italian Gardens