I bypassed Taylor Swift to watch my son's house baseball game Tuesday night.  A single friend asked me a few weeks ago if I was attending another big event, and again the answer was no.  This time my daughter had a lacrosse game.  The friend said, "You're missing out."  I thought, "not really."  Like most, moms and dads, there is no place I would rather be than sitting front and center at my kids sporting events, concerts, award ceremonies and pretty much anything else they're involved in.  That's why the story about the father who quit his job to watch his son pitch in the College World Series really hit  home.  I wouldn't have thought twice about doing it as well.  Am I crazy?

Maybe I am, but I can understand David Roth's decision to leave his job selling cars because he didn't want to miss his son play in the College World Series again this year.   Yahoo! Sports reports Roth missed out last year, when South Carolina made it to the big college games.  He vowed never to let that happen again.  So when his boss told him he didn't have the time coming, Roth made the decision to walk away from the job.  He made it to the game, and watched his son, Michael, pitch 7 1/3 innings in a 5-4 victory for South Carolina over Texas A&M.  Very cool stuff, and as a sports-loving parent, I can imagine how overwhelming emotionally it must have been for David.  He made the right choice though.  Another job will come along, but your child's shining moment is just that, a moment in time.  I don't want to miss even one of those moments.  How about you?  Am I crazy?