There's a new app out that lets you tweet after you've passed on.  Their slogan:  "Heart Stops Beating...But You Keep Tweeting".

All this comes on the heels of one of the co-founders of Tombstone Pizza's passing last week (remember THEIR slogan?  "What do you want on YOUR Tombstone?"  Ironic now, eh?)

Made me think....What would YOUR after-death tweet be?

Mine:  "Ok folks, that wraps it up for me. 400 songs in a row starts now! #ImDead"

I asked a similar question years ago on the air: "What would be your epitaph?", trying to have some fun with it.  True to form, a man who worked as an upholsterer for years called and said "Upholsterers don't die, they just re-cover."

So, be clever, humorous, and silly.  What would your after-death tweet 140 characters or less, of course! ;)

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<3 LD