So, it is ending--gulp--summer. That can be met with some anxiety, but what about being a college freshman? Now, I am a mom of two teenage daughters who are not quite there, but this will be my worry soon. If you have a college freshman leaving home for the first time, can you do things to keep the angst down?

Credit: diego_cervo, ThinkStock

Well, as a professor at Medaille College, I am biased and went to their page. I found some good tips for the first year from attending meet and eats, joining clubs, staying organized and finding peer mentors.

Medaille also had tips for those back home as well. Hang in there, and don't be dismayed by the shortness of an answer, especially in an email or text message. And yes, care packages are cool, but even just letting your student know about what is going on at home with letters, text messages or emails can help students feel connected to you. Lastly, make sure your student knows about their college health and counseling services available, as they can act as a resource when you can't be there to help them cope.

We want to know what all you parents out there think--help your fellow parents deal with this tough time!