From the category of "better late than never", here's a recap of a topic we did last week!

There was a recent string of car burglaries in my neighborhood...enough that several cops were present early in the morning, taking pictures of the multiple cars that were vandalized. Apparently, the thieves were traveling by car, and would pick a neighborhood, target a bunch by checking to see if cars were unlocked, and then take what they wanted. If cars weren't locked, they did the good old smash-n-grab.

I had my car broken into back in Albany in the late 90s. I was dumb enough to leave my purse in the car (though not in plain sight), so they took that, as well as my FULLY LOADED enormous binder of all my CDs.

But they LEFT something for me -- a consolation prize, of sorts -- a perfectly folded, brand new MAAC tournament t-shirt, laying on my driver's seat.

What was the weirdest thing you've ever had stolen (or left in!) your car? 

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Angie / Batavia: My sister lived in Chicago at the time. And someone broke in and stole her tennis shoes, but left their old beat up nasty shoes. She just assumed it was maybe a homeless person because there were other valuable things in the car and they only took the shoes

Donna / Buffalo:  My car was broken into and they took sunglasses console change and rummaged my 6 year old's dance shoe bag. I hope the stink from that shoe bag made them sick! Scumbag thief!

Norman from Williamsville: In PR my dad walked into the city hall, when he walles out, his vehicle was sitting on 4 cinder blocks.. They stole all 4 of his tires on his truck....

(Unknown) : CDs were stolen from my car and 2 days later i heard one of my CDs blasting from my neighbors house 2 doors down

Jon / Buffalo: This one time when I was in New York City with my partner at the time. When we were sitting outside our hotel, a gentleman approached us and ask "is this your car?" We said no, we walked over smashed the window reached in and took out a guitar. He then walked away casually like nothing happened...

Lisa: Years ago while I was in church, someone stole 1 tire lug nuts and all. Then lowered it from the Jack and left it sitting there in the church parking lot.

Rae / Buffalo: Left my car unlocked, they stole a 50 cents bag of spicy peanuts from my middle console. They left my $600 Cazelle sunglasses! The sunglasses were in the console above the rearview mirror. I was worried all day at work when I realized that I had left my glasses in the car, when checked after work and found them in the console I was like, those dumb azzes!

Mary Beth / Orchard Park: Oh my gosh, I have a friend who lives in the city of Buffalo (kind of near Elmwood Village), and she came out to her car about a year ago and all four tires were gone. The thing was up on cinderblocks.

Tracy / Kenmore: Years ago before car seats were mandatory my mom made a booster seat from 2 telephone books n covered them with pretty material it's the only thing they stole lol