This morning, I shared that I was enjoying -- along with my coffee -- chicken salad. At 5:45 a.m.

Gordon said HE, too, was having an interesting concoction of coffee and pizza.

That one doesn't strike me as "weird", as cold pizza was pretty much a staple breakfast for me from about age 16 to graduating college.

As strange as THIS piece of "food" is, I would DEFINITELY accept it as a form of breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or a midnight snack. Or an anytime snack. (Can you tell how interested I am in this crazy thing?!?!?!?)

Hailing from Philadelphia, it's a "sandwich" that uses a meatball patty as the meat. And a breaded, deep-fried piece of LASAGNA as the bun. It's covered with marinara and provolone cheese.  And I'm 100 percent OK with it.

All this being said, what's the strangest thing you've considered breakfast?