So what do you like to eat at a ballgame?  Hot Dogs? Pizza? Nachos? Ice Cream?  You may be surprised how many hot dogs fans eat up in one season!

Major League Baseball stadiums expect to cook up more than 22-million hot dogs this year!  That's a lot of hungry fans!  The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council is out with its annual report and claims the hot dog remains the "MVP of stadium concessions.  The number is about a million more than stadiums served last season.  If the dogs were laid end-to-end, the council figures they would stretch from AT&T Park In San Francisco to Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati.

Personally, I'm big on the ice cream!  Especially when it comes in one of those little baseball helmets!  We've got a collection of them from the ballparks we have visited over the last few years, including stadiums in Toronto, Cleveland, Washington, New York and Philadelphia! 

So what's your favorite ballpark food?

Courtesy of Metro Source