With the Powerball jackpot growing exponentially ($425 million at press time), we can all start to dream a bit.  "What would you do if you won the lottery?" seems to be such a cliche question.  So this morning I asked:

"What is your GO AWAY number?"  That's the minimum dollar amount you would take to quit your job and start livin' like...a lottery winner.  For me personally, $425 million (even after taxes) is just far too much.  Sure, I'd take some for me, take care of my entire family, put my best friend's kids through college, and donate the rest.  It would be a nice legacy to leave.

BUT....IS there such a thing as being too rich?  Do you have a substantially lesser number that could afford you the ability to quit work (if you wanted to), and start pickin' off things on your bucket list?

Most of you this morning were hovering in the $1 - $2 million range.

Personally, I'd take a turkey sandwich and a shack on the Gulf Coast with an endless supply of The Walking Dead episodes.

That's weird, isn't it.  ;)