Sometimes it's a struggle to do day to day routines and events when there are many twists and turns to go through.

However, when you have that one person that gives you the inspiration to get through anything, that makes all the difference.

Dear Delilah,

Thirty nine years ago, I was a promising high school graduate...accepted to an excellent school on full scholarship. I was the one everyone thought was going to go far and succeed. Life happens and many twists and turns...and many times I was ready to give up on my life.

At one point, when I was struggling, I met a friend fifty years my senior who was learning to be an actor. He told me that he was going to do everything he ever wanted to do before he died. He was a retired fireman, policeman, and English teacher. He did in fact later became an actor /director. His inspiring words never left me...through numerous hardships, heartaches and disappointments.

Last year, I finally attended my graduation for my bachelor's degree...thirty eight years later. And last week I attended my graduation for my master's degree...with my sons in attendance. I hope I am an inspiration to my children.

Never give up. You can achieve anything you want, despite any obstacles put in your way. A better life can be achieved. You just have to have faith.


How has someone inspired YOU? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post