The latest Powerball Jackpot is $475 million and counting.

I don't really play the lottery or Powerball, at least not on a regular basis. I'm not the guy at the gas station holding up the line while someone is trying to give the clerk $40 to get gas.

But when it gets to be as high as it is now, it's worth throwing in $5 or $10 -- but I never know when the drawing is!

There has been a lot of talk at work today about the Powerball drawing, and people here will probably chip in a few bucks each and pool our money.

Wednesday and Saturday are the Powerball drawings. Apparently there was a drawing last night, which is why the jackpot is so high.

The biggest jackpot ever totaled $587.5 million. That unbelievable sum was split between two tickets on Nov. 28.