When everything is going according to planned, it seems like nothing could go wrong.

Not in the case of a high school football team in a recently released movie dealing with the hardships of a loss.

The Spartan's head coach, Bob Ladouceur, is no ordinary coach. Even though his high school football team holds an incredible winning streak of 151 consecutive wins (12 undefeated seasons), his coaching philosophy is less about winning on the field and more about winning in life. He talks to his young men about the value and significance of teamwork, commitment and sacrifice rather than the glory of championship titles and winning streaks. When you see Coach Bob in action, you understand why his formula for winning in life transfers onto the field for such a successful football career.
But what happens when a new crop of proud seniors take the field only to lose the game that ends the famous winning streak? What happens when real-life adversity takes its toll on the team, on and off the field? Will the pep talks stand? Will the team stand tall...or fall apart?...When the Game Stands Tall is a heartwarming family film that speaks to so much more than the game of football. Take your family; take your kids and come away entertained and inspired by the feel-good film of the year!

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What do YOU think will happen with the team after this devastating loss? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post