Hopefully the nasty bug going around hasn't gotten you.  I'm hittin' my vitamin C like a crazy woman.

The flu has NEVER been fun.  Especially as a grown up.  While you're trying to nurse yourself back to health, all you're thinking about is how much you're going to have to catch up on at work....how you're going to keep up on housework...how the kids are going to get to school/sports/music, etc.....It's not easy to nurse YOURSELF at all!

But when you were a kid...even when you felt lousy....wasn't it kind of....awesome?  I mean you were out of school, and if you were lucky enough, your mom stayed home to take care of you (grown men would refer to this as "normal" today, switching "mom" with "significant other"...I digress).  There were always a few creature comforts I had growing up.

1. The Bendy Straw.  In my house, you knew you were sick if mom put a bendy straw in your flat ginger ale.  She always said she thought it was more comfortable to drink out of when you're feeling...uncomfortable.  (She called it "feeling punk".)

Getty Images, Neil Langan Uk

2.  The Hibernator.  This was probably the first version of the modern-day Snuggie.  It was an awful looking blanket-thing with a terrible pattern on it (the 80s were notorious for busy patterns), and it had snaps up and down the front.  You had to snap it all around you and it kind of formed some loose short sleeves.  It was probably riddled with asbestos  but man was it cozy.

3.  The Puke Bowl.  Ok, I know it's not a pretty word, but that's what we called it.  It was a stainless steel bowl that also doubled as the Popcorn Bowl when no one was sick.

Getty Images, Image Source

4. The Remote.  One of the few times I was ever able to have full control of the remote.  Ahhhh bliss.

What kind of things did you always have on your sick day when you were a kid?

<3 LD